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Boohoo Clothing Haul

March 4, 2017 0 Comments

5 For Under $35

When I said I had a shopping problem I really meant it. I just discovered Boohoo last year and it’s pretty cool man. They have so much to choose from and it’s affordable. Plus, they always have great online deals.

These socks make my inner Melanie Martinez come out. Look at them, they’re adorable! So adorable I had to buy one in both colors. I’ve recently become obsessed with lace frill socks. And I hate feet sooooo much so I’m cringing hard core right now.

Originally $5.00 each / Got them for $2.50 each

I saw this skirt and thought it would be a great piece for winter (hahaha it’s basically spring now). Anyway, I love the black and white pattern it’s got going on. To be honest, I thought it would be a little thicker material but if you wear tights under it’ll be just dandy.

I also purchased this black bodysuit to go with it. I hate tucking in a regular shirt. All it does is ride up and create ripples. I do not live for it.

Skirt – Originally $10.00 / Got it for $5.00 | Bodysuit – Originally $14.00 / Got it for $7.00

This dress… Lemme just tell you about this dress. I’ve been living for it. This was one of those items where you’re just not sure about it. You know what I mean? Like, you like it but at the same time you think “Noooo.” The ruffles… yaaaaay. And it has color! I, Jeanine, bought something with color. Happy new year. It truly is amazing. (Don’t mind me just admiring the sleeves)

Originally $20.00 / Got it for $10.00

Math Time

50% off discount code

Frill Socks – $2.50/each

Bodycon Skirt – $5.00

Long Sleeve Bodysuit – $7.00

Shift Dress – 10.00

Shipping – $6.00

TOTAL = $33.00 compared to $66.00

I know $66 isn’t a lot anyway but come on, everyone loves to save some cash.

I bought these things sooo long ago for ya know…winter time, but I procrastinated. We’ll see what happens when spring rolls around. Realistically I should be putting up a post about a spring haul but that’s not gonna happen until summer I’m guessing. Oh wells.


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