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To The Girls Who Think They Need A Prom Date

March 8, 2017 2 Comments

It’s A Shame

To think that you need a date to feel validated as a person through society’s eyes. It’s sad really. Alongside the perfect skin, perfect toned bodies, and perfect life, society makes you feel the need to have a date in order to be a decent person. Otherwise you’re considered an outsider or, better yet, an invisible human being to the community. Like…It’s just prom! It’s one night out of your whole entire life. Why is it made out to be a huge deal?

I Get It

You want to have date. I get it, I really do. I went alone every year. Dude, I even got stood up one year. No, it didn’t feel good at the time and sure my self-esteem went for a sky dive but it doesn’t affect me now. And trust me when I say it won’t affect you later on in life either. Like I said before…it’s one night. Odds are you’ll leave after crowning anyway. Honestly you’ll probably only be there from dinner up until crowning which is like what? 4/5 hours? Months of planning for food that will most likely suck and dancing to the crappy music the DJ plays. Yep, sounds like an absolute ball. Sign me up!

In All Seriousness

I was in highschool once, so yes I do get the hype. But looking back at it, it really isn’t a big deal at all. So if you’re thinking to yourself “I need a prom date otherwise I’m not going,” don’t be like that. It looks desperate and you are way better than that. Don’t be desperate just be you.

If you want a date that bad go and do something about it. And if someone asks you and you don’t want to go with them say no. In the nicest way possible! Take care of yourself ya know? Don’t say yes just because you’re desperate for that date. Go with someone you know you’ll have a bumpin time with. If you’re gonna be spending all this money for one night make it a fun time. That’s not gonna happen with some kid you’re not interested in or don’t even know.

If you don’t get the promposal you’ve always dreamt of I’m sorry… I’m sorry that you think you need one. You’re worth more than what a prom date says about you.

Rock that prom alone, dance with your friends, and eat some rubbish food.

Whoops I just ranted a lil bit but I felt like it needed to be said. If you’re attending prom in the future please don’t think you need a date in order to “fit in.” That’s ridiculous and you’re worth more than that.

Also I’m sorry for the blurry photo.

Also also, my fren Lele looked bomb in that dress. You can’t really see it but just trust me.


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    March 11, 2017

    I love this post! At my high school, you couldn’t go to prom alone. You HAD to have a date. If you didn’t have a date, you didn’t go. It was a lot of pressure and I’m sure a lot of kids skipped for that reason! I want to send this post to the principal!! 🙂

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      March 12, 2017

      Thank you! And being forced to have a date to go makes me so sad 🙁 Prom should be for everybody

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