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DIY Hair Mask For Growing Thick And Long Hair

March 16, 2017 0 Comments

You’re Gonna Smell Like Eggs…

DIY Ingredients incluuude…

  • 2 eggs
  • A palm full of olive oil (I don’t think the oil type really matters) (Neither does the palm full amount)
  • A lil bit o’ honey
  • 3/4 drops of Tea Tree oil

What the ingredients do…

  • Eggs – Makes the scalp wanna produce all of the hair ~translation~ Makes your hair grow
  • Olive Oil – Less crackle crackle ~translation~ Adds moisture and makes hair less dry and frizzy
  • Honey – Adds the shine ~translation~ Do you really need one?
  • Tea Tree Oil – Less scalp residue ~translation~ Dandruff…helps prevent that
  • Also Cedarwood Oil – Promotes hair growth ~translation~ You know

What You Gotta Do Now

Mix it all up in a bowl and put it on your head. All of it…everywhere. Don’t miss a single spot, get it all around the follicles. Leave it there to soak up your hair for at LEAST 25 minutes. Usually I leave it for an hour but it’s allll up to you.

It should look something like this

Then after you’re done dealing with the smell coming from the goop on your head you rinse it out. And then after that you rinse and shampoo it out again. Maybe shampoo twice cause I still smell it even after a rinse and a shampoo.

Boom You’re Done

I try to do this every week but since I have trouble with just doing stuff in general, I end up doing it about once a month. Here’s a tip… BE BETTER THAN ME. You’ll see results a whoooole lot faster than I did.

*Disclaimer ~ Umm yeah, if you’re allergic to any of the things listed then DO NOT use them. Also, if you’ve got sensitive skin be careful*



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