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“It’s Not A Phase Mom” – A Somewhat Fall OOTD

October 23, 2017 0 Comments

My OOTD For The Week

(First OOTD bear with me please.)

It’s been an odd October weather wise where I’m from. One day it’s fricken’ freezing and the next it’s 80 degrees. Lately it’s been in between so I thought I’d take full advantage of the temperature while I can and wear shorts for the last time until next summer.

Details at the bottom.

Shirt “Not Looking Back” from Zumiez $11.99 $19.95 

Dr. Marten 1460 Nappa Classic Black boots $135.00

Pistola high-waisted denim shorts from Stitch Fix *referral link*

Well that’s it, hope it didn’t suck. I tried that’s all that matters. Anyway I know I’ve been slacking with the posts…again…and I have no excuse other than I’ve been super busy with other things. That’s a sucky excuse, I know, but whateva. I’m trying my best to balance everything. Hopefully soon it will all fall into place, I’ll update yous next time. Until then Stay Safe, Stay Creative, Stay Alive. 






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