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A Gift Guide For The Undeniable Hippy-Punk

December 9, 2017 1 Comments

You Gotta Hippy? A Punk? Or Both?

Have a hippy in mind? Have a punk in mind? I do… (sup Casey how you be?) Honestly these people are so easy to shop for because they’ve got such a distinct taste. Anything boho or tie-dye for the hippy. Anything black or hipster for the punk. 

Here’s a list if that’s not elaborate enough.

  1. Clothing – Honestly this is such a typical gift but if you can gather their sizes without them suspecting a thing why not go for some shoes or shirts? Easy peasy for reals. Same goes for jewelry.
  2. Decor – Do they have a lair? Probably. What’s the color scheme? Get them some sort of decoration that matches their room. Mirrors are cool, they make the space seem bigger than it actually is. Tapestry’s are nice, who wouldn’t want one? 
  3. Skateboard – They are sooo fun! And just so useful, especially if you live in the city or travel a lot. It saves a lot of walking time. Plus it’s so fun to just rip around town with your best friend on a skateboard. 
  4. Concert Tickets – Because whyyy not? Concerts are amazing and fun and full of positive vibes. Who wouldn’t wanna go to a concert? Especially if they don’t have to pay for the ticket lolz.
  5. Misc. – Nobody knows your hippy/punk best friend as good as you do. If they’re into a TV show or a band get them some merch. Can’t go wrong. What are their hobbies? Go off of what you know about them and you can’t go wrong. 

I’d like to think this was helpful but if it wasn’t at least I tried to help, you ungrateful swine. Usually gift giving isn’t that hard for me except this year I’m feeling the pressure. What do you get someone who deserves LITERALLY EVERYTHING BECAUSE HE’S SUCH A LIL BEAN THAT I APPRECIATE HAVING IN MY LIFE? I just don’t know. Anyway this is all I have for you today. Until next time Stay Safe, Stay Creative, Stay Alive.


P.s. to my boyfriend – I’m sorry my Christmas gift will probs suck cause I don’t have a clue what to get you that’ll represent my lava for you. 

P.p.s to my boyfriend – Lava means love. Love = lava. Same difference. Puns kinda but like not at all. 

P.s .to my best friend – I probs just gave away your Christmas gift but whateva. It’s not like I was gonna wait till Christmas to give it to you anyway. 


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    Casey LaPlaunt

    December 9, 2017

    You my best bud

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